9 Tips to Building a Better Social Media Presence

Better Social Media Presence

Social Media does not terrify today’s small company owners. Do you want some evidence? The majority (93 percent) of small business owners use Facebook, 79 percent use Twitter, and 71 percent use LinkedIn, according to the 2015 Social Media Marketing Industry Report.

It takes time and effort, as well as continuous execution, monitoring, and strategic adjustments, to grow your social media presence. The adoption of automation is increasing in both large and small businesses.

Fortunately, establishing a solid social media presence does not require significant IT expertise.

If you are ready and willing to put in constant effort, you can make social media produce higher commercial value for your brand in 2022.

1- Set SMART Goals:

  • To create successful content, you should have defined, quantifiable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound objectives. 
  • Setting goals is crucial to your social media marketing strategy, since it helps you manage your budget, keep track of your progress, and measure your success.
  •  If you align social media with your marketing strategy and set realistic goals, you’ll be able to increase your brand or business awareness while maintaining ongoing relationships with your customers. 

2- Keep an eye on what is popular:

  • Jumping on what’s trending is one of the best ways to ensure that you appear in the feeds of your target audience, especially those who don’t follow you. 
  • This approach, also known as trend jacking, refers to cash-in on something in the social media sphere that has already generated much discussion.
  • The only thing you need to remember when implementing this technique is to link the trend back to your main brand message and social media presence aim.

3- Choose the Right Time & Balance of Post:

  • Stop guessing what your audience wants and start using social marketing analytics to figure out exactly when and how much to post.
  •  Use social marketing tools like Statusbrew to analyze the performance of your content according to the time of day, frequency, demographics of your audience, and more. Then, based on your findings, adjust your social publishing approach for the best results.
  • Posting at the right time is just half the battle. By determining when your target audience is online and more likely to respond, you can reach them more effectively. 
  • Finding the ideal mix between human and promotional posts is the other half of the struggle.

4- Tell A Story to encourage your Social Media Presence:

  • How often do popular blogs elicit strong emotional responses from their readers?
  •  Their purpose goes beyond merely conveying information.
  • There is a growing trend among people to avoid marketing on social media and are tired of seeing advertisements on the site. 
  • Don’t just ask them to purchase, buy, buy; instead, try to market your company in a friendly approach that connects with their emotions.

5- Concentrate on Creating Eye-Catching Visuals:

  • When designing your content, make sure to include the appropriate graphics.
  •  Check the specifications of each social platform before including visuals to avoid having your visuals cropped out.

6- Include video in your content strategy:

  • You will not be sorry if you include videos in your content posting plan at least once. Since its beginnings, video marketing has had a meteoric rise, and the trend is likely to continue.
  • Rather than reading a long essay on a certain topic, today’s social media users prefer watching a few minute-long videos on it. 
  • Advertising a new product launch, interacting with fans via live sessions, and displaying behind-the-scenes footage can all be accomplished through videos.

7- Take the opportunity and make more engagement with your audience:

  • Regularly, social media is likely the closest touch you have with customers. 
  • You can assess your audience’s reaction within a few hours of publishing and learn something new with each piece.
  • Create opportunities for your followers to connect with your brand on a deeper level by taking it a step further. Invite them to join in debates in the comment area, take entertaining “This or That” quizzes, create polls, answer Q&As, and perform live videos, among other things.

8- Do not be scared to invest money in social media ads:

  • Social media networks provide new features continuously as their algorithms are updated. Companies may have trouble maintaining their position at the top of the podium due to this.
  • It has become increasingly important for social media companies to monetize their networks to cater to brands. As far as social media ads are concerned, there is no need to worry because they have a high return on investment.
  •  A social network’s algorithm, without a doubt, favors adverts while tailoring feeds based on each user’s interests and activity.

9- Find your influencer through cooperating, partnering, and collaborating:

  • Take advantage of the influencer-marketing trend to improve the quality and quantity of your social media presence.
  •  To market your brand, form relationships and cooperate with influencers who share your ideals.


Overall, working with influencers does not require large marketing expenditures. A number of micro-influencers with a few thousand followers are also available. Do not get caught up in the number of followers an influencer has when looking for the right one. The real value lies in engagement, not marketing.

Taiff hopes that you have enjoyed this article, and now that you have a better understanding of tips for building a better Social media presence, will be glad to work together! For any further comments feel free to contact us!


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