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What are the effective methods of marketing through social media in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia? First of all, no one denies that social media is one of the most influential and widespread channels around the world, for all commercial activities and companies of any size. If emerging companies ignore social media marketing at their beginnings, they will lose a lot, and they may lose their reach, and work to destroy it from its beginnings.

Saudi Arabia is one of the countries that relies on social media marketing for its companies and for all its projects.Therefore, before marketing your brand through social media, you must know the correct foundations for publishing through these sites, and know the most used platforms in Saudi Arabia, with an integrated study of the nature of the market there.

The most used social media sites in Saudi Arabia

The focus of using the platforms varies, and the extent of presence and dependence of people on a specific platform in communication, publishing, and presence. For example, you find the presence of people in Saudi Arabia on all platforms, but the most presence is on Twitter more than on Facebook.

 As for social networking sites most In use in Saudi Arabia, their arrangement is as follows: the first platform: YouTube, the second platform: WhatsApp, the third platform: Snapchat, the fourth platform: Twitter, the fifth platform, Instagram, the sixth platform: Facebook, and the seventh platform, Tik Tok.


How to market through social media in Saudi Arabia

We will separate marketing methods according to priority, and the most used; We will limit ourselves here to 4 basic platforms: 

 Marketing through WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is one of the most important global messaging applications, and relies on the use of text messages, audio clips, and short video clips.

How can WhatsApp use business in marketing in the State of Saudi Arabia

It can build strong  relationships between you and your customers, and consolidate the feeling that they are an integral part of your company. Added by “WhatsApp Business”, which gives you a lot of extras that make it easier for you to manage and market your business.

The most important of these features

  • Add the name of your field.
  • Basic information related to your field of work.
  • The headquarters of your company’s headquarters.
  • website.
  • E-mail.
  • times of work.
  • The automatic response feature.
  • The possibility of classifying conversations according to “Tags” signs and classifications
  • Add a catalog with pictures of products and services.
  • Add your social media links.
  • You can also send new promotional messages, offers, and discounts for your customers, in a smart way.


In order for your business not to be banned, it should be without excessive, distracting and annoying to the recipient, and sending an amount of 4-8 messages per week.With continued diversification in the nature of promotional messages, and their attractive professional formulation, to be a distinctive message for the customer.

 With many advantages that you can benefit from such as “Broadcast lists” and “Group Chats” WhatsApp cases, and adding a catalog of products, which contributes to a greater spread for you.

Marketing through Snapchat

Because of its many advantages, it is considered one of the important applications for communication, promotion, and marketing of your business.

 It has a lot of privacy as it allows the automatic disappearance of messages after receiving them, and provides you with sharing photos and videos by sharing them in status. 

 Marketing via Snapchat.

 This is done by marketing products and services, by creating strong advertising campaigns, and managing them properly; To maximize the benefit of the brand.


Certainly, before making commercial ads, you are required to create a commercial account on Snapchat through very simple steps:


  1. Having a personal account on Snapchat.
  2. Create an account on Ads Manager.
  3. Login it using your username and password.
  4. Then you will move to a new page in which you will register: “Your legal name, country, and currency”.
  5. Then your commercial account will be completely ready. It is complete, through which you can market and promote your business.
  6.  Among the most important forms of Snapchat ads are snaps, short videos, images, and GIFs.


 one of the most important types of ads in Snapchat

snap ads

These ads are in a size that fits the screen, and these videos certainly appear after the user sees one of the videos, and they continue to run for 30 seconds.

Ads take the pull-up feature to see the ad in its entirety.

You can see other details:

  • Either seeing a website link.
  •  Call-to-action.
  •  Converting to an article that talks about the details of the ad.
  •  Converting to a longer video.
  •  Lenses.

There is a kind of Snapchat ads that are the creation and use of lenses, by communicating directly with the Snapchat administration.

They can use them in pictures and videos. It can also be shared via Snapchat messages, through the story feature, which automatically disappears after 24 hours.

Stort Ads

Through which you can get a space within what is known as exploration within the Snapchat application. Through this space, you can display a series of snapshots related to your product, or the nature of what you want to present. You can add between 3 to 20 snapshots, and this allows you to display More than one clip, or a product you’re promoting to reach users and take action.


Filter Ads

Image  filters  are one of the basic elements of the application, and many users use it by a large percentage ranging between 40 to 60 percent. Which allows you to use it to promote ads, by creating a filter for your brand, and putting it on users.

It is beautiful that you can determine a specific geographical area to show the filter.

Product Ads

These ads enable you to display all of your products to the audience, and it is considered the best choice for marketing your products.


Indeed, marketing via Snapchat is not always paid; Because you can do this for free, By sharing videos related to your business, with daily activities.

This is one of the effective ways to market your brand as well as your products or services via “Snapchat” that helps you reach customers faster.

Do not lose sight of coupons, and discounts on your platform.


Marketing through Instagram

It is one of the most important applications with access, and the largest visits, not only at the level of Saudi Arabia, but also at the level of the countries of the whole world. The beautiful thing is that many users shop through this application, and they also follow commercial accounts, and market through them. This app share:

  • Stories that automatically disappear after 24 hours.

  • Photos.

  • Videos.

  • Live broadcasts.

And it can benefit from it in an integrated manner to market your brand, through the Instagram platform, and in order to proceed in the right way, you must build a clear marketing strategy. You must first know your goal of marketing via Instagram, is it to increase followers? Or to create a personal brand?, Or for sale?

 After that, your path is easy, all you have to do is create a business account, provide everything that matters to your business, and benefit from it in marketing.

 Then you have to set your personal photo, bio, and define your targeting , and start diversifying your content.

 You have to direct your content to target you properly, and study your competitors; To be able to reach your products and services to the largest possible number.

How can you increase your followers on Instagram

  • Post a lot of videos with high content and value.
  • Share stories with your followers.
  • Interact with your followers by responding to their messages and comments.
  • Rely on a clear visual identity.
  • Sometimes you can count on famous people, and influencers.
  • Post content with a picture regularly.

Marketing through funded ads

One of the most effective marketing methods, enabling you to achieve accurate customer targeting, and achieve a faster spread of your business.

This is done by identifying your targeting information such as:

Age, geographical location, demographic data, quality and gender of “men, women” and interests.


Marketing through facebook


Facebook has very large audiences, and according to Facebook, the number of users of the platform on a daily basis is 1.79 billion users. it provides you with several tools that you can benefit from for your business, such as: Facebook Store: through which you can market your products for free of any kind.Provided that it conforms to Facebook standards, and does not have any prohibitions.


Marketing through facebook groups

It is considered one of the most important marketing tools; Because it gives you an important advantage as it enables you to create a Facebook group and add your customers to it.

 Certainly, this allows you to share content with your customers, and market your products easily, by making text posts, and putting various pictures of your products with explanations about them, and also attaching promotional videos .

 We can divide what you can post through specific points:

  • Pictures with a short explanation about them.
  • Video clips.
  • Posters.

And of course, you should publish what your audience is most interested in, has value, and the way it is presented is creative; to attract customers.

 I certainly advise you to create a commercial page bearing the name of your company; To promote your products, include a profile, details of your business location, or company, with phone numbers, and you can also attach your website link.


Marketing by creating funded ads

After building your commercial page and starting to interact on it in a free way, you should consider further expanding that, and achieving a greater reach for your brand through funded ads that help you expand the targeting of your audience.

 Here we will remind you of the importance of targeting important information in advertising based on:” geographic region, gender, male or female, and customer interests.” And you definitely have to specify that before making your funded advertising campaign; To be able to reach the largest number of potential customers.



Social media is considered the most important marketing channel that all establishments, companies, and brand owners depend on as well. And because social media has advantages that help you succeed in it, such as: the availability of the largest fan base in it, the large number of people present on a daily basis in it, and the interaction with its content in a large way.And the platforms, of course, provide multiple marketing options to enable you to market your commercial activities easily, and for the multiplicity of brands in Saudi Arabia, you must be aware of how to spread more widely by knowing the presence of users and directing content that suits them accordingly. Stores, of course, make it easier for you. And because many platforms allow you the catalog feature, or stores, this, of course, makes it much easier for you.

It also makes it easier for platforms to spread greatly by creating funded advertising campaigns that enable you to reach your target accurately.

 If you are looking for professionals to properly market your business, do not hesitate to contact Taiff Company, which will help you spread easier and faster.



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