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Many of us realize the importance of writing marketing content for companies, regardless of their size, whether they are emerging, medium, or large.

As a result of the intense competition in the business market today, its importance has become very increasing, as it is the best way to highlight the actual quality of the product or service.

You may be wondering what is content writing in marketing, and how do you write distinctive marketing content?

 Content Writing in Marketing is an effective marketing method, and many stores and companies praise it as a primary reason for increasing their profits, but what is meant by marketing content?

What is the definition of Marketing content?

A strategy and one of the effective forms of marketing that focus entirely on writing and publishing content for the target group in order to attract them greatly, and its goal is to direct customer behavior completely towards buying from the brand.

It can also be published on social media and on websites but it is far from literary writing and journalistic writing.

Let us simplify it for you. If you were searching in a store for a product, you read a description of a product to the end without feeling bored, and you felt that you were very satisfied with the product and wanted to buy it, then you are reading distinctive marketing content.

And if you feel that you are getting the maximum use of your reading to describe one of the services you want.

Yes, the idea has reached content writing in marketing. It is the content that always tells you that the product is distinguished from competitors, and that it is unique and specifications and adds to you the value you need.The matter is simple, know the needs and desires of your customers and harness content that meets that.

 If your question is whether we consider it a type of marketing, then I will answer you. Yes, it is one of its most important types, and its goal is always to reach the feelings and needs of the target group.

What is its importance?

Let me tell you its importance by asking you about your experience in an online store or a means of communication when you searched for the product you need and looked at the title and content and found that it did not mention all the specifications you need.

certainly, you lost your confidence in this store, no matter how this store is distinguished by its prices or even the quality of its products, and it was not convinced, even by 2%, because it did not create for you integration and confidence to complete the purchase process.

The importance of content writing in marketing lies through:

  • A complete impression on the customer’s mind about you and your distinction from others
  •  A great competitive value.
  •  Building customer confidence in you.
  •  Helping you retain existing customers.
  •  Turning potential customers into targets.
  •  The ability to attract new customers.

What are Marketing content types?

Perhaps the prevailing idea among many is that it is limited only to written content, but this idea is very limited because it has many forms, including 

text content: such as posts on social networking sites, website articles, and e-books. 

audio: it is represented by podcasts. 

visual content in its forms Videos, reels, animated images and infographics.

What are its features

 first: Attractive and interesting.

Second: A brief that the reader does not harm.

Third: It does not contain misleading phrases.

Fourth: clear and does not need an explanation.

Fifth: He addresses the feelings and needs of the customer.

Sixth: One of his most important characteristics is to be very convincing.

Seventh: He raises answers to all questions.

Eighth: It is preferable to contain phrases that motivate the purchase decision.

Ninth: There is a consistency and interdependence between its parts.

Its components

  • The basic title: It must be brief and attractive
  • The introductory introduction:  is preferred to contain phrases that contain the problem, or the need of the customer and is presented in an innovative way.
  • Basic Content: It focuses on displaying the features of the product or service and the practical solutions that your brand provides to the problems that were presented with the introduction.

A distinctive idea is to add a short sentence that summarizes all of the above. 

 A phrase, phrase, or call to action: A prominent phrase either for making a purchase decision or for taking an executive action regarding the product or service.

How to write story content in marketing?

Perhaps the best and closest types of content for the mind and feelings of the reader is the fictional content, but how you can make the narrative content marketing:

I create your product or serve you real personalities who suffer from problems and you are solving them

Example: If you are the owner of a medical store, you can say that Ahmed suffers from permanent pain with his neck and back as a result of his work for long office hours

But do you think that getting rid of pain is difficult, and we do not want to tell you that it is very easy because our pillows have provided him with an integrated rest after a long working day.

How do I judge the success or failure of my content writing in marketing?

  • Views on your marketing content on social media platforms.
  • Visits on your website
  • Interact with your content and share it.
  • The number of followers increased significantly.
  • Repeated purchases.

How to become a content writer in the marketing field

The qualities that you must possess to become a content writer in the marketing field: 

  1. Distinctive research skills: In order to be able to obtain integration with information and to be able to formulate in a distinctive way.
  2. The ability to summarize: Your ability to write brief phrases without harm in the sense is very important.
  3. Study of competitors: You must do an integrated market study with an integrated comparison between your products and services with competitors and distinguish them from them.
  4. It should be persuaded: this matter facilitates the purchase in a large percentage.
  5. To be organized: able to write a sequence of ideas in a distinctive way that tightens the reader.
  6. Creativity: The more distinguished, the more the reader and confidence of you and the extent of your innovation, which leads to the ease of purchase.

Tips to become a distinguished content writer in the marketing field:

  • Read a lot and make your day a time for visual nutrition and read distinctive marketing content.
  • Plan before writing marketing content, set all goals.
  • Always ask yourself: Is the content you have written completely transmitting the marketing message?
  • You will not become a professional writer without daily practice.
  • Focus on the results of the benefits, not only the advantages and specifications.
  •  Diversification in your content between: visual, audio and written
  • Focus on persuasive words and phrases such as: limited period, discount, golden guarantee, strongest offer, do not miss the opponent … and etc.
  • If you write an article, choose a very special title.
  • Make your content timely.


Writing content for marketing is one of the most important reasons that contribute to spreading your brand in a big way, and perhaps its importance lies in the fact that it turns any potential customer into a target person for your business. Customers and fill their gap 

 The ability to gain the trust of the customer or customer significantly. 

 Distinguish you from competitors. 

 Helps convert potential customers into targeted customers. 

 Contributes significantly to retaining existing customers. 

 Increase sales.

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