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With the difference in learning of the social media algorithms, and with the diversity of tools, the means used by social media platforms became necessary to know how to use them properly by content makers or brand owners to spread significantly.

Among the most important and strongest reasons for spreading and achieving visits in social media, “Hashtag”, is very important in contributing to achieving a great arrival of the target audience of the brand.

Here in this article, we will fully explain to you the concept of hashtags, its types, and its importance to your brand.


What is meant by a hashtag?

Its names vary between hashtags, a classification, but what can be agreed upon as a keyword indicates a topic or classification, and it has great importance for users and has their interest, and is always preceded by #.

It is useful in terms of helping users find information and search topics faster when searching for them, as just the situation on the hashtag name shows all the publications you are talking about.

It is worth noting that the hashtag is always a keyword with a relatively large search rate.

Perhaps the most important tips that I give to you if you are a content maker, a store owner or a brand, or a service provider is to know the most important keywords, and the hashtags that are used in your field, and in your possession, so that you can attract the target group through them.


How to write a correct hashtag?

The well -known that when writing the hashtag, it must be preceded by a sign #, with no distance between the words and if it is from more than one word, a sign (_) must be placed in the hashtag in Arabic.

But in the English language, it is not placed (_), but the hashtag is written in full without distances and without it.


What is the importance of using hashtags for you as a content creator or for marketing your business?

 Sometimes it is said that their importance is not great, and many times it is said that they are important, but I assure you that they are important and you will not lose anything when using them, but it is wrong to rely on them only as a strategy in your work.


The benefits of using them include:

  1. Through it you can attract a large number of new interested customers, and attract the target group, and you can attract people looking for your field for you.
  2. Enhancing digital presence on social media, and increasing the interaction of the target group with your content significantly.
  3. If you offer offers and discounts, you can use them to promote your advertising and commercial campaigns.
  4. You can use the hashtag for public competitions when you use it for a promotional purpose.
  5. The tags are very important because they help algorithms know the nature of your content, identify the audience interested in what will be presented, and thus the speed of your appearance of your target category.
  6. It also helps you know the news of competitors, explore their content, analyze it, and learn about the most important signs of classification that customers care about.
  7. It helps you to know the content that your audience is searching for, raises their interest, and helps you know the behavior of your target category.
  8. It also helps you to know their customer responses and their own, either in the affirmative, or negatively, because those who will talk about you will use a hashtag in the name of your business.
  9. How do I search and find the most important active hashtags in my field?


There are many means and tools that enable you to know and explore the most important and best hashtags in your field, namely:

  1. Accurate analysis of competitors

Always the easiest way to know anything is your great ability to analyze competitors, and what they offer, this definitely helps you figure out the best hashtag you can use for your brand.

But also watch out for in-depth analysis of the hashtags, to see how appropriate they are, and their effectiveness.

  1. The search feature in the same platform

It is one of the common methods, which is very common, and focuses on researching the target social networking site for the most important hashtags related to your commercial activity.

  1. Use tools to generate hashtag

One of the most important tools that help you in this: “All Hashtag, Hashtag Counter, Hashtag Creator, Hashtag Analytics, Top Hashtags.”


What types of hashtags?

  • Public hashtags

These signs, or tags are used by most people, and it is worth noting that they are not concerned with a specific field, or for dedicated content.

It is important in awareness of a large number of users, and is considered useless if you have large brands, or a large number of followers.

  • Hashtag is dedicated to your brand

It is related and largely related to your business, as it can contain the name of your business, or your slogan, your company’s message, and the names of your most important products.

  • The hashtag of the trend

Trends are often important events, and they have a great interest in people, and specialize in a specific subject.

The smart marketer takes advantage of these events in their favor, whether in their commercial campaigns, and its marketing campaigns such as the use of #blackFridays, or #whiteFridays, and others.

  • Content hashtags

What is meant is the most important keywords and topics related to your product, or your brand, and they are mostly more specialized hashtags, specifically.


How to use hashtag correctly?

  • It is very important to make a hashtag in the name of your commercial activity, and it is one of the conditions for that to be brief and has an indication, with the importance of using clear and relevant keywords.
  • The hashtag generation tools are very important, and make it easier for you, as they help you extract the most important keywords and semantics.
  • Do not use large numbers of hashtags, perhaps 2 or 3 hashtags have a greater effect than using large numbers without success.
  • It is not recommended to use a large number of general tags, which have nothing to do with you.
  • Always take advantage of your rival analysis to find out the most influential hashtag.
  • Before using the hashtag, use high -value content to encourage people to follow and share your hashtag.
  • Always be a follower of the most important trends and events related to your field.
  • Stay away from using consuming, old, or public hashtags not closely related to your field.


One of the most important things to note is that hashtags are one of the marketing tools in the world of big marketing, and you should always make marketing complementary, and apply all marketing strategies to reach your desired goals.


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